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Time to Talk

This year, February 4th is 'Time to Talk Day'. It is the day when the nation gets talking about mental health. It's well documented now just how powerful talking can be, and whilst it may be more difficult to connect with others right now, it is important to not let this deter us! In fact it is at times like these, having open conversations about mental health are more important than ever.

Ending the stigma that surrounds mental health is crucial. Despite the fact that improvements have been made, some stigma still persists and can prevent people from seeking treatment.

If individuals are frightened to share how they feel with family and friends, it can lead to further feelings of isolation and depression.

Just as important as talking however, is listening! If a friend want to talk, don't worry that you won't have the answers - just show you’re taking on board what they’re saying. You can do this by saying something simple like “that sounds really difficult”.

You really don't have to fix anything, just being there and showing support will mean the world.

So, just remember, having a small conversation about mental health may make a huge difference in the life of someone who is struggling

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