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Wishing and Wanting

Wishing and wanting are two words that have a very similar meaning for a lot of people. But in fact they are extremely different, based on how you think about it and what you expect from it.

What does “wishing” mean?

When you wish something, it is an aspiration. It means that it’s a dream you have and it might become true ……….. but at the same time there’s also the potential that it will stay just that - a dream.

For a lot of people, wishing is an unsatisfied craving or longing that they have. They do want to achieve those results, but most of the time they don’t put in any work to achieve what they want to. And obviously the more you wish something, the more it should push you to take action. But this doesn’t always happen and if you’re not committed to that wish, it will just remain at the wish level.

Wishes can obviously make us very happy when they are fulfilled but realistically, how often does this happen?

If we want to do things that make us happy, to enjoy life, to grow and develop, we need to consciously turn our wishes into wants!

What about “wanting”?

Wanting is essentially about aspiring for something and then trying to acquire it.. we now know that wishing is a dream, a want without action, but when it comes to wanting things, you show that you are indeed committed to that goal and you are actually putting in the effort to achieve it the best way that you can.

When a person wants something, they work really hard to achieve what they have in mind. And that’s great, because it gives you enthusiasm and a sense of purpose. The more you think about it, the better the results will be. And once you really want something, you are bound to take action!

The difference here is control – The WANT gives you CONTROL. The WISH takes it out of your control. That is really important because the control leads to ………..ACTION!



I WANT to LOSE WEIGHT – This is how I am going to do it!

Without action our wants remain wishes.

Turning a wish into a want isn’t something you have to do on your own, sometimes you need help – someone to help you get off the starting block and understand exactly what you do want, and how to go about getting it!

Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) can help you to structure your thoughts so that you can work out what your wishes are - (I would love longer legs but it’s never going to happen!) and what are your wants are and how to make them happen.

You are worth it - wants are worth it. Remember as a child being told ‘I want, never gets?’ – well you’re no longer as child – go out and get!!

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