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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Hypnotherapy Work?

Hypnosis has the capacity to work for most people but some are more susceptible to suggestion than others. Being fully committed to the process and feeling that you can trust your hypnotherapist is key. It's also important to keep an open mind, as being sceptical may have an effect on the outcome. 

Will I Lose Control?

No, you are ALWAYS in control, no matter what you may have seen on the TV, hypnotherapy very gently eases you into a pleasant state of relaxation, so we can work on deeper areas of your consciousness, where all substantial changes take place.

You can stop the session at any time you want, but as the sessions are so relaxing, I have never known anyone who wanted to do this! 

You will never do or say anything that you do not want to whilst in hypnosis!

Can I Get Stuck in Hypnosis?​

No, you cannot remain in hypnosis!

If I were to leave the room for what ever reason, you would most likely just open your eyes and feel entirely normal.

If you were very deeply relaxed, you may fall asleep but would naturally wake when you were ready.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

This is dependent on several factors, however, hypnotherapy is generally considered to be a fairly short term therapeutic approach.  This means that if hypnotherapy is likely to have a positive outcome, then this will become apparent within a relatively few sessions.​​

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