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Paul M

........"I had been suffering with my phobia for so long, pretending to myself that it didn't really affect me - who was I kidding?
Should have done this years ago, would definitely recommend".....

Sarah - Derby
......"thank you so much, I've already noticed that I've become a lot less bothered by food and want to continue to enjoy it, but I'm learning to eat when my body is hungry and not just because my mind wants something dictated by my emotions.
Can't wait for my next session".....

Rebecca P

Jacqueline was caring, kind and knowledgeable - she really took the time to understand what it was I needed.
I cannot begin to explain the sense of relief that I experienced during the hypnotherapy. I did not expect to feel so much better in such a short space of time.
I would recommend Jacqueline and her services wholeheartedly.

I came to Jacque for treatment as I was struggling at job interviews. 

Having been made redundant last year I managed to get a job but it didn’t pay well and I did not enjoy it.  I have bipolar disorder, this is very well controlled but the stress of interviews would trigger off problems.  My hands trembled, my heart raced and I would stop mid sentence as words just left my brain and I didn’t come across well.  I knew I had the skills to get these jobs, but after 14 months and multiple interviews I was still unsuccessful. The problem increased at every interview, started appearing during my interview preparation and began to interfere with other aspects of my social life. I was dependant upon diazepam to get me through these episodes.

I had CBT to help with this problem, but I found that I was already doing the things they taught.  At this point I decided to try hypnotherapy. Jacque was recommended by a neighbour, she was professional, approachable and explained exactly what she was doing and why. She made sure that it was appropriate to my problem and I felt that her charging system was very reasonable.

I completed four sessions, on a weekly basis, running up to an interview.  It was amazing.  I was able to carry out the interview without diazepam, not because I didn’t take it, I didn’t need it! I was able to stay calm, no shakes, my heart didn’t race and the only hesitation when talking through the interview questions was to gather my thoughts and continue.

And I got the job! 

So, I am confident that in 6 months time I will be telling people that hypnotherapy changed my life.

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